Joyce Travelbee: Biography

Joyce Travelbee BiographyJoyce Travelbee,  psychiatric nurse, educator and writer, was born in 1926. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing education at Louisiana State University in 1956 and her Master of Science Degree in Nursing from Yale University in 1959. She started a doctoral program in Florida in 1973. Unfortunately, she was not able to finish the program because she died later that year. She passed away at the early age of 47 after a brief sickness.

Travelbee started to be an instructor focusing in Psychiatric Nursing at Depaul Hospital Affiliate School, New Orleans, while working on her baccalaureate degree in 1952. Besides that, she also taught Psychiatric Nursing at Charity Hospital School of Nursing in Louisiana State University, New York University and University of Mississippi. In 1970,she was named Project Director at Hotel Dieu School of Nursing in New Orleans. Travelbee was the director of Graduate Education at Louisiana State University School of Nursing until her death.
In 1963, Travelbee started to publish various articles in nursing journals. Her first book entitled Interpersonal Aspects of Nursing was published in 1966 and 1971. In  1969, she had her second book published entitled Intervention in Psychiatric Nursing : Process in the One-to-One Relationship.

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