Biography of Madeleine Leininger

Biography of Madeleine LeiningerBiography of Madeleine Leininger:

Madeleine Leininger is a pioneer nurse anthropologist and is one of nursing’s most prolific writers. She developed the concept of transcultural nursing, bringing the role of cultural factors in nursing practice into the discussion of how to best attend to those in need of nursing care.


Biography of Madeleine Leininger: Early Life and Education

Madeleine Leininger was born on July  13, 1925 in Sutton, Nebraska, U.S. She obtained her basic education at St. Anthony School of Nursing, Denver, Colorado, and graduated in 1948. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Benedictine College, Atchison, Kansas. IN 1953, she obtained her fegree of Master of Science (Doctor of Philosophy) in Anthropology from the Universty of Washington, Seattle. A Fellow n the American Academy of Nursing, Madeleine Leininger was conferred as an LhD (Doctor of Humane Letters, honorable given) from Benedictine College.

Biography of Madeleine Leininger: Transcultural Nursing

In 1850′s Madeleine Leininger experienced what she describes as culture shock, while she was working in a child guidance home in the Midwestern United States. While working as a clinical nurse specialist with disturbed children and their parents, she observed recurrent behavioral differences among the children and concluded that these differences had a cultural base. She identified a lack of knowledge of the children’s culture as the missing link in nursing to understand the variations in care of clients.

This experience led her to become the first professional nurse in the world to earn a doctorate in anthropology and led to the development of Transcultural Nursing as a subfield of nursing.


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